Sunday, August 23, 2009


-------- Do not WATCH IT ---------

Unless! If you are ready for this torture:

- Heart damage
- Bloody night
- Psychology story
- Eerie noise and scenes
- Fully pressure
- Adult understandable theory

haha..What the heck i'm trying to say here?!huhu..

Actually, i've watched this movie. Last Thursday's night, with all my friends. This story is damn suck!haha..No lorr..its GREAT!
Eventhough its good, i can hardly to say it because of its scenes. Just damn eerie! -see how much damn out of my odd for me to say those words..huhu

So, this is 'My Story' about the movie..just simple to make you see the rough storyline of Orphan..

Its about a girl that have a problem of her hormone. Its unbalance till it made her 'young' compare to her real age. Bet you don't see yet whats is eerie+scary about it!

So, here.. She got mental or psychology problem for the unbalance/watsoever hormone problem. She is 'young' and people treats her like a young girl..and she doesn't like it as she can't have *adult thingy* like a normal women. This lead to all the heartless scenes..


i suffered the heart damaged, full pressure, eerie noises and scenes along while watching the movie. But I love it! Its just great! Like Angel and Demon movie..i predict it well..-not all scenes ok!Because sometimes it gets too freaky to predict it..Damn scary!huhu..-once again the words out..huhu

I am not recommend this story to people who suffering the heart attack and people that still underage!haha..

People who studies the psychology..should watch this!huhu..

But, still you can watch this if you prepare you self..hehe

Happy watching!

p/s: I've listed the new upcoming movie that i want to watch! Its Aliens in the Attic, Final Destination 3/4-don't remember, Alice in Wonderland and New Moon-twilight sequal movie. Who want to join me?!huhu


miss aween said...

aku dh tengok mobie ni semalam.. best woo
seat depan pulak tuh. mmg dasat cte ini
tp masalah nya aku mmg dh agak dia psiko sbb dia pakai sumting kt leher dia. hehe.
juz aku agak tak percaya *tak terfikir sebenarnya* ble dia sbnr nye mengalami penyusutan otot badan, hehe

scene paling tidak-boleh-blah ialah ble dia usha foster father dia.. scene tu shud be cuak-ing time.. tp di sebabkan sume org kt panggung tu ketawa.. aku pn ketawa jugak

btw,, i miss yuna n uzma when lookin at MAX. *bila la nk jumpe dorg!*

miss aween said...

wey.. its final destination 4 kot. must watch woo.. since aku dh tgk sume final destinations. hehe. mmg tak-sabar-nak-tunggu.

kalao ada peluang.. tengok sesama yok

HanaKimi said...

I dah tengok citer ni..best2!!
saye!! saye!!
(sambil angkat tangan..^^..)

QiLaZ said...

@Miss Aween - Max macam Uzma& mesti sebab rambut kerinting diorang yang mahal tu kan?haha xP

Sama lorr..masa scene Esther usha laki tu, semua orang kat dlm panggung tu gelak..huhu

Jom kak wyn!kita gi sama!haha

@HanaKimi - Jom!kita pergi sama2!!huhu ;)