Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Idea!

Its been a while since i wrote the last 'short and simple' post for Raya in the blog. huhu.

Actually, i still got a few things to write here just before my laptop automatically restart by it self. Saje je ekh tak bagi aku update blog huh?!huhu.... But now...its kind of lost....haha..need to recover my memory... -duh!-


Reasons of why i did not post any new entry for this blog is...

1. my life is kind of BORING!to be told to..

actually its not that too BORING, seriously,..i love studying. love my life as a student. but, when you facing the same day that called 'ROUTINE' wake up early in the morning, then wait for the 'driver' to drive you to the campus. then, learn all thing that u should know to be a 'successful Network Administrator'..haha...ok! that is simply boring isn't it?huhu...

but i am really thankful! God really i am..for my 'budak-budak senget' huhu..Its MY FRIENDS!! that makes my day all day long.

2. Busy?

i i busy? huhu...can u tell me what is BUSY..haha.. i really don't get it-the meaning of BUSY.. not that i am so stupid. but it is because i dont want to understand the word BUSY!haha.. I hate it! Hate the word actually. not only BUSY that i hate, i hate the word BORING-because its boring, the word STUPID-no one stupid ok!don't say those word frequently, or you'll be one.. and for telling you this..i am saying this 3 words i hate in this blog! I should slap my self!haha..

3. Facebook-ing and Twitter-ing is my priority.

haha..tak boleh blah! Its true though. Once i online, next thing i do after connect to the wi-fi, i'll type the letter F then find the Facebook's url.huhu. then..while waiting the connection for Facebook to stabilize, hehe..i open a new tab and Twitter-ing la!huhu... ^^

I think this is the reason of why i did not update my blog.huhu.. Ekh...i left one thing la!... MALAS!! haha.... so lazy to update. hah! really hate this word- LAZY. miss out the word. should put it in the second reason.

That's all for now. Actually...i want to update about K-Pop...but...i don't know la..paling tidak..i'll post the new song of 2PM or BigBang. Why?! Because i like la!haha...Ok! i love them-2PM and BigBang. So, wait for that ha! Till then...See ya!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Ok! dah lama tak update blog. Kan kan kan?



Ringkas dan padat...

Saya, Nur Aqilah bte Ismail menyusun sepuluh jari ingin memohon maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki..-ayat sangat tak boleh blah..huhu- ^^

Tapi! serius ok!huhu...minta maaf.. kalau ada terkasar bahasa ke..dan ter ter lain..huhu..

Ok!.. Terima kasih semua!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Asal Aku

Hari demi hari aku kenal aku.

Aku belajar, aku punya sifat dan tabiat yang asalnya dari akar keluarga.

Bak kata orang bijak dulukala, mana tumpahnya lauk kalau tidak ke nasi.

Hari kelmarin aku tahu aku Cina Hailam.

Hari semalam aku tahu aku Banjar.

Hari ini aku tahu aku Bugis.

Hari esok mungkin aku Puteri?

Ah! Mimpi!