Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Updates

It's 1.35 am (the time I start typing)...

It's been 4 month since my last post..

How 2011 ends?

Well! Last year was a blast! TOTALLY BLAST!haha... Can take my exam result's as a blast too! A FAIL BLAST!haha...
>>You know Girl! You should really study smart ya this year.This semester.<<

But, I did enjoy 'family outing' with my parent to A Famosa Water World and Air Terjun Gunung Ledang.

Do you know? Air Terjun Gunung Ledang also being called by older people as Air Panas Gunung Ledang? You see... Air Panas? There's no such Air Panas there? And why on earth they called it Air Panas..haha... Well actually, I just know that info from my mother-"Air Terjun Gunung Ledang also known as Air Panas Gunung Ledang" last year!! Funny hah! Yeah you can laugh at me as much as you want... But if you don't know it as well...HAHA...We're on the same boat ya!

Ok! How's my new year? 2012..

It's start with a wide smile..since I have rent a new house and not live in the hostel!Yeay! It's a lovely house where I can cook(well ala2 'bujang style' je), do whatever I want and just feel free! But... I do miss 'hostel life'..

This year too..I saved money on my breakfast or dinner and sometime lunch too..but i got to spend more money for buying ticket to 'balik kampung'.. and why? Cause my parent moves to Batu Pahat.. Doing a small business there as our house in a 'Taman' and not 'Kampung'...But!! I LOVE KAMPUNG MORE!!!uhuu TT

The scenenery, air, sound and everything is a bit different! Even the house! I love my house that build by my father rather than the contractor. Even people say or may look like a pondok whatsoever... but it's beautiful to me! Gosh! How I miss 'the house', miss my messy bedroom, miss my bed.. I MISS 'MUO'! -smile yet crying now-

Ok! Enough with this 'emo'.. Time now 2.48 am.. I better sleep now!!hehe... See ya!