Monday, April 20, 2015

최고의 행운 (Best Luck)

Hi there! How's life?! huu.. Well me.. I'm fine! Sorry could not keep my promise to keep on update the blog. huu.. SORRY.. TT

Happy belated New Year! No 'insa of New Year' from me this year. Sorry again.. hee

So, what's up with me during this 4 months? I change my job, 'quit' actually. But I am not a quitter! I just did it because I need to survive. Everyone I know leaves the company, so I don't want to hold to workload alone. My work require teamwork. I don't think I can survive the workload if I remain there..huu I'll die there, so I quit to survive!

But before send the resign letter, of course I did find new job! huu..

Well! I love my new job now! Alhamdulillah, I hope to remain there for a year at least.

I love kids! You know it, don't you?! huu.. Well, my new job is teach them! A Teacher..hee I am now!

Technology Teacher, a tutor. It's all about fun tutoring. I am not a 'FUN' person, so the start quite hard for me. But, after a month now, I think I am improving my self. More FUN Teacher. huu..

You know what comment I got from my kids, "Teacher.. boring!" then it really burns me up! I really need to learn how to be fun, because I love to teach them..hee

Then after a while, finally I got the comment "I love to come here, I cry when I couldn't come.." Really nice to hear that!

That's why I love them. MY KIDS!hee

Oh! there's some of them really easy to teach, some of them may take few weeks to get the lesson. Then some of them really good listener, but there is also the naughty one.

At first, I can't be firm with them, you know I am not the kind who like to scream and shout and easily get mad. Usually, I am resistant to bad manners, immune for I have my 'sabar'. My boss keep asking me to be firm with the naughty one.

After thing gets out of control, I can't resist anymore then I finally got explode..huu... Menangis kau..'anak' aku depan mak dia (cause I report their mom for his behavior).. Kesian pulak tengok... Melt my heart when I see my kid crying at that time.

Currently, I think it's about 4-5 times I got explode during class. huu..

Oh! you know what! I have my own family now. The Kwon's..haha since I am Kwon Akira..haha I have Sugar my eldest son, Honey my daughter who is a wife to Sugar.. and their baby Areum, a male. Then coming soon, I think I am going to name the baby MinKi / MinJi..huu

K, here's Best Luck from me!

p/s: Hari-hari terserempak dengan abang2 chef! Sangat cool diowg..hoho, dulu kt WM selalu lalu depan kedai kereta, tu yg suka abang2 mekanik..sekarang Chef pulak! haha.. Bila asik mengajar anak yang mix Mat Salleh ni, ada terslip rasa cam nak cari Mat Salleh lorr! hoho.. but then I shake it off from my head and come back down to earth saying that "Who ever loves me for me, then he is the one lorr!" huu.. There is saying "Good company is hard to find". Really it's true but I hope I can find one someday!