Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letters and Lights - Missing U

credits: nathy24sp@youtube

Found this song incidentally..and love it..

 p/s: I'm not in blue. Just sharing this beautiful song.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

cool B.A.P, sweet JYP

hehe..... ^^


so just quick post here..


love song..

erk.. I'm not kinda lovey dovey girl.. but.. this two song..

just cool and sweet..

one of it cool, the other sweet..

melt me...maumi (heart)..

I'll not gonna post the lyrics...see that's why it's quick post..but each video has the translation..

Ok.. enjoy the love.. erk..wekk ^^

"COOL" love song - B.A.P Secret Love

"SWEET" love song - JYP - You're The One

credits: XanXhi5&Loveekoreanmusic2@youtube

p/s: not listening to this while studying..nanti bukan aku hafal apa yang aku baca, aku 'ter'hafal lagu ni pulak..keke

p/s nappeun nom: ajushhi! naege i-nolaeleul bulleo juseyo..kekeke...bogoshippo..ppali dorawa juseyo!