Monday, December 24, 2012

The Best of Me (Zui Hao De Wo) - Jaycee Chan

I cry while watching this MV..   T_T

Somehow, I feel Jaycees' pains.

Translation of this song is available in the video..

FYI, Jaycee Chan/Fong is the singer and songwriter of this song which is the only son of Jackie Chan.

p/s: End of this video makes me smile.. Jaycee is funny..
p/s 2u: me too..want to give the best of me..even we're only friends..

 credit: yoomiee1@youtube

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yes yes..I do.. ^^

I do.. I do accept this song..!! hehe ^^

Yes, its another song. An old song. Like four years ago.. Well, one thing about me that you should know, even if the song release about two weeks ago, if I get tired to listen to it.. I consider the song as OLD SONG!! yeah! That's CRUELLA DeVil I am...keke ^^

But this old song, not that kind of OLD SONG that I mentioned. It simply just old..keke ^^

Usually, I listen to SWAG song like the lyric always bragging about something etc. Today, I found a song that just coolly literally says "I love you" in the most humble ways.. SO SWEET!!!!!

Erk, I am nothing close to having status like "in relationship" okay. Not into the lovey dovey, but I love this song!!!

Oh! but, I do wish someone would sing this to me....waaaaaaaaa... -clapping like monkey-  Just feel good by imagine it.. especially if the person who sing this song is Grandpa Gyu!! waaaaa......좋아..!

Ok! Here's the song.. 2AM - This Song!

credit:  KookieCane13@youtube