Monday, January 4, 2010

Wanna be..

First of all...

Happy New Year!!!

It's mean..I'm aging!! 21 y.o wanna be this year..huhu

As my title is "Wanna be", so..
here is "Wanna be List of Year 2010"

I, ---- me name here--
Wanna be:
1. A dedicated girl..towards
  • Her life
  • Her family
  • Her works (as student & employee)

2.As good as:

  • Her Mom & Dad
  • Her 'who She believes in'
  • Her 'He that She use to look upon to'
  • Her beloved & idol

Ok! that's all for now... Next wiil be my post at new environment, new lifstyle, and everything's NEW lorr!!!huhu xP