Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Love You to Death - Taeyang

Hi! Its been a while since my last post! haha.. now its the end of the year!

Well I'm back! Writing.. to improve my English. Blogging is a good way; fun way to improve English right?!^^

What's up with the title? For sure its nothing related to this post as always. haha.. It is a song by Taeyang (BigBang)

I am listening to the song while writing/typing this post. Lovely song, even its a sad/pain song.

Here's update about me.. I left my part-time job, as I have been offered a job related to my field of study. Well, actually the job field is more wider then networking. I have to learn new things, doing research etc.

Its only about two weeks, with this new world. Working professionally, with a growing company. Its tiring, but still I am happy! Good people around me, its helpful.

I am so thankful to Allah, for making my wish come true-to have a permanent job, besides feel so lucky to be choose/pick by someone. haha.. 

Ok, that is it, for now. I will try to post new entry everyday. Well, no one really cares right! Whether I am writing or not?! haha.. but as I mention early, this is me trying to improve my English. So, basically.. the next post;the content is just about me, people around me, my family, my friends, my lovely babies and people I got crush on to as well.. haha..

See ya.

p/s: Pardon me with grammar mistake etc. Its broken English, will try to improve it day by day..or never.. I don't know.. huu