Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tagged again!!

This tagged from....Miss is the tagged..

1.What have you been doing recently?

Reading me friends blog..huhu

2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?


3.What happened at 10am today?

Me in the examination hall..answering the MUET paper..huhu

4.When did you last cry?

Not sure lorr..i think, when i lost me love Granpa..

5.Believe in fate/destiny?

Yup…I believe in it..

6.What do you want in your life now?

I want to be a successful person in my studies..*wanting Zahiril Adzim too..boleh ke??huhu

7.Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?

Sometime i do bring the umbrella when it rains..sometime redah aje..huhu

8.What’s your favourite thing to do on the bed?

'Melalak'..huhu, blogging, listening to the music, and so on..muahaha

9.What bottoms are you wearing now?

Now?!ades..i'm wearing shorts..huhu

10.What’s the nicest things in your inbox?

me birthday wishes from me friends..huhu

11.Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?

huhu..what kind of relationship here?haha..but..of course all kind relationship!

12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?

huhu..ana's baju kurung..haha..once only..hehe..thanks ana!

13.What was the last movie you caught?

Confession of a shopaholic…love this movie..huhu

14.What are you proud of?

Nothing i guess..nothing to be proud of..but..i love me family and friends..they are the best things i ever had..proud with them..huhu

15.What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?

YM mobile message..from a friend.. *(08/3/2009)

16.What was the last song you sang out loud?

Thinking of me car..muahaha

17.Do you have any nicknames?

Yes i do..!i mentioned it before in last tagged..huhu

18.What does the newest text say?

Maxis noticed of one misscall *(25/4/2009)=1.16 p.m..

19.What time did you go to bed last night?

1.30 a.m *huhu..early in the morning baru mau tidur..muahaha

20.Are you currently happy?

Yes!i am happy..*kalau ketemu Bob pasti extra happy..muahaha

21.Who gives you the best advise?

Me Ibu, Ayah, Adik2 and people around me..

22.Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?


23.Who did you talk on the phone last night?

Me Ibu and Meme..huhu

24.Is something bugging you now?

Nothing..i guess..hehe

25.Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Me self, Ana, and Adik..*we talk to each other through the phone..huhu

this tag is specially dedicated to:
anyone who read this tagged..hihi

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