Wednesday, April 1, 2009

eXaMiNaMuz PhEnOmEnoN iS ComiN'..!!

Today is April, 1st...but..i'm still not yet studying..*wat's goin on qila!!come on lorr..don't be like dis!!plezz..

so..da examination will be held on April, 6th..which mean..i got only 4 days left to study!!waaa...kne lbey fokuz ni!!huhu..
n...dats it..!!

actually byk mnde mau post ag..but..cannot lorr!!must start da study..huhu..

p/s:td g shopping ngn ana, kak wunny, bella, n nina..syok deep inside me heart td..hanye Allah je yg tau!!betape risau nyer hati ni bile fikir x study ag!isk3!!*sdar pown lom study ag tp still mau enjoy ya!!huhu..but..dat's me..lalalala~

so..end of dis post!next post i think it will be after da exam..huhu..c ya!!
wish me luck ya 4 dis final exam..

Here is...
People/Anything that inspired me to work hard for this exam is:
  • Allah N Muhammad s.a.w
  • My Ad-Din
  • Ibu
  • Ayah
  • Anachan
  • Familyz
  • kazen kuw yg xtau nme nyer sape(huhu!!i'm da worst kazen ever)
  • klazmates
  • Sime Darby(pew kne mengene lak ngn company ni?!isk!!)
  • Pulau Carey(ni pown sme!xder kne mengene lngsung pown!huhu)
  • me future life
  • Australia??!
  • last but not least..da whole wide world(daa..mengarut je..haha)

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