Friday, April 27, 2012

Shall I erase it?

hehe.. U see..I'm in a fine mood..

Because it's HOLIDAY!kekeke..

No la! It's time to STUDY!! For Final Examination for this SEMESTER..

End with intro. Why I post that title? Well.. I am asking anyway..hehe

To myself. ^^

U know I'm kinda unstable. in mood. my mood. but..same goes to everyone else right? and for me.. when I am in such bad mood. I won't kept it inside. I thrown it away. not in front of that person, if I unsatisfied with that someone or something. but through my blog or twitter. just don't get me wrong. I am not such a coward for not saying it in front of that someone. but I know, if confrontation is made, it will start a war. and I'm not a fighter. I'm a lover ok!keke.. if I'm at wrong. I may reflect myself. but if I'm not wrong, than.. blog and twitter will be my medium to let it all out. I write this just to give a clear message that I'm not a bad person. but I'm not a good person either. hehe. just ME-in-the-middle.. keke.

and the title above.. shall I delete the bad post?erk..the post when I'm in bad mood? erm..... 그래서요..

for now..just let it be..I mean just let the post there right? for I don't hold grudge over them anyway. but I do feel guilty for published such "cruel post".. erm.. SORRY. that's all I can say. and I'm not asking to forgive me. cause I'm literally bad. but I do forgive that someone anyway..literally forgive? truly forgive. just don't do that again. please. I don't touch your things, I don't disturb you, I just need you guys to do the same. is it really hard? just hope to say that to them. ok.

End with the reasons behind the title.

to U! I'm SORRY too... For any hard feelings I gives or anything that may hurt U. For any mistakes. I AM SORRY.


and Thank U. This is for U.

p/s: U are my bestfren bestfren..and the BESTfrenz. Guy? in the song above..just change it with bestfren ok!!hehe..erk.. actually lagu above.."SWEET!" just enjoy it ok!hehe.. n my point is "Thank you for being here, Monday to Sunday." sweet right?keke.. who's sweet? I am..ekh no. U ARE sweet to me.

p/s lagi: kalau ajushi yang nyanyi lagu ni...cair aku.. haha ^^ ~Bogo tto bogo sippeo..~ melt..

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