Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6th April?

6th April

Its a beautiful feeling.
Of how we hesitate to call or message someone,
yet that person gives call or send the message to us.

But how sorry it is.
To not notice it.

Wonderful, how unconscious mind can be connected that way.
It's amazing!

p/s: sorry sorry.. -nyanyi lagu SuJu sorry sorry ekh..keke-

p/s 2(keke): hesitate like wanna tell or not, wanna tell or not..then think "erm..it's ok la, they'll come anyway".. then, another situation "wanna ask or not, wanna ask or not".. finally it ended up "it's ok la, will come down anyway"

p/s 3: that person is a really good person..hehe.. ^^ if you-that person, can't remember or relate..then it's fine.. its late like 2 weeks already rite?huu.. but really am sorry.. tak perasan TT, tapi mmg dah nak bagitahu.. huuhuuhuu... ^^ k bye!

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