Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Did You Know?

  • I always write a post but publish the post at certain time. Not all post. Depends on my mood.
  • I can sleep early then wake up late. Sleep late and wake up early. Just whenever I want. haha. Kids will laugh at me if they read this. Stipud ftacs.
  • I love my family, my friends, my cats, my dully, my bubby, my rorry, my... erk.. too many ma.. haiya! Just so much love to be given la..keke
  • I love KPop and Kdrama till I can live with it without eating, sleeping, walking, any other with but not drinking la.. I need water at least to survive. keke
  • I easily forgot over something if that something forgot me. haha. don't understand ma? then just don't.
  • I cannot focus over something if my mind, my eye, my ear and my heart not gather. usually to stay focus I need a clear view of that something. by asking, disturbing, walking, moving, calling, texting and other keke
  • I easily forgive and forget. patient. but I got my limit.
  • I hate and love cats, I hate and love someone, I hate and love myself.
  • I am a dreamer. I still believe my prince charming will come to me and we live happily ever after.
  • I trust on love at first sight. love after we know each other. but kind of hard to believe in love after married but don't know if this will change later.
  • I love taking picture of something that I think 'lovely', 'beautiful', 'something precious' and thankfully the results of the picture comes out just as what I thought. like beautiful. as it is. but lately, I lost my passion. need to recharge it.
  • I write Engrish not English. in hope of it gets better. need to practice talking. but I don't know....1husband with 4wives comes; how, when, why, what, who. keke
  • I am standing in the ground but head up in the sky. how? someone help me please.
  • I can read and write Bahasa Malaysia, English and Hangul. I understand Bahasa Malaysia, English and limit to Hangul and Mandarin. Currently learning Hangul(by podcast self-learning) and Arab(by reading 'Terjemahan per kata')
  • I don't know why I write this stpuid fcats. but I think someday it will be useful to me and someone in future perhaps. keke.
  • lastly, I can easily falling and rise up own my own. but I need time. while falling, I just need someone to hear me, keep me accompany and just watch over me. don't neglect me. I found that someone. but.. I just don't think much of it. just let it be the way it is. not too hopeful. cause I used to. I know me the best. but I don't know that someone know me as I know myself.
  • and the laassstt is I need someone that know me better than I know myself yet loves me as I am. and it is my family. right? keke. and miss Choco I think. thank you miss Choco. I LAP U. keke. next time if I found 'someone else' I'll make this kind of post again. Ok. haha. when will it be. wonder.

p/s: need to climbing up of the well. It's dark in the well. cold. I hate it. but can't help with it. I know I can get out from this well.. ya......!!climbing2! up up here I'm coming!

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