Tuesday, April 24, 2012


  • HATE - Hate is Lovely
  • RUST - Rust is Beautiful
  • PAIN - Pain is Hardworking
  •  UNSTABLE - Unstable is colorful

p/s: I'm tired, sleepy yet have to do something that  is not worth to do such this post but its important to let out this feeling of depressed. I HATEEEEEEEEE!!!! Co-curriculum!!!!!!!!! HATEEE!!! Pay RM80 to go to camping yet have to take TEST!!!!! WHY!!!!?? They promised that we will get 100% right after the camp end. but TEST?? such lousy for 1 credits subject.

p/s me: 됐어! 괜찮아요. 넌 할수있어!!! 화이팅 키라야!

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