Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Color

I am the true color of me

And I can be any color i want to

I can be blue,

I can be red,

I can be green,

I can be yellow,

I can be black,

I can be white,

I can be pink,

I can be purple,

Or any other color.

So, what?

Its not like I'm so colorful.

I am plain.

but still I can change.

People can change either, right?

So, what color do you prefer?

Do you have to ask this question to other to make u decide which color you want to be?


Please don't.

Just be any color you want to.

Just choose the color you want to.

Is this color suit me?

Is this color is the right color for me?

Is this color...??

Don't you worry about the color you choose.

Because all colors are beautiful.

It will be the right color if you think it is.

Otherwise, it will look odd with you.

so, what do you think of my color today?

23.31 pm

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