Sunday, October 18, 2009


Sometimes people might get the different idea of what we trying to says.

Sometimes people interpret wrongly of the stories they hear.

Sometimes people talk nonsense when they mad.

Sometimes people cannot accept the truth of badness in themselves.

Sometimes people blinded from the truth.

Sometimes people only hear one sided story of an accident.

Sometimes people just get really bored of seeing this stupid mistakes and..

Even more tired when seeing other people blaming each other for their own mistakes.


we only PEOPLE.
we only HUMAN.
we only blood and flesh.
we only a SERVANT of the AHAD

we cannot run from making a/thousand of mistake.

What we can do is..
Try to understand it.
Try to fixes it.
Try to prevent the fight.
Try to hear the other side.
Try to see the truth.
Try to think on different way.
Try to change the way we think.
Try to look the goodness of the bad sides.
And try anything to prevent from making other mistakes.

For most important in our life is..
Our intent.
In doing something.
Remember that..Being..

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