Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Recently, about last semester until now, I have been reading few books on self improvement, religion and relationship.. It started with my lecturers recommend that us-their students to read this book from Ustaz Hasrizal with title "Aku Terima Nikahnya".. I found this book few weeks after that, and totally at unexpected time. Starting from that I just love this kind of books genre. As I'm doing research on a revolution, I think I'm the one who's having a "revolution". haha.. From fiction addicts to a non-fiction addicts.. keke ^^

I learned lots of new thing that I never known before. It does makes me more mature. But, still I act childish around closest family and friends. ^^

Outcome from reading this books? For me, I learned that:
  • It is not necessary for us to be in a relationship while studying but it does not means that we can't find that somebody-to-be-with in future...keke ^^
  • It is important to choose somebody that can lead us to be a better person; in religion matters especially so that somebody can lead the family.
  • In family matters, we need to be a good example for our children to be a good person.
  • Kids need to be treat as 'human being' and not 'half-human'. Every grown up explanation are relevant for them even they may not understand it now. They have their own faith in learning Islam, who Allah is and the beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Don't teach them that they need to be afraid of "Momok" cause that nature faith which they need to be afraid of is "Allah".
  • The ways of a women thinking is different than a men thinking as they from different planets.
  • Men have their time in "cave", which they may be a different person that we supposed to know but they will be back as they are once they leave their "cave".
  • While women have their "well", they need to hit the bottom before they can climb up again and smile as usual -waves of moody.
  • Caring, Understanding, Respect, Validation, Reassurance and Devotion is what women looking for, while men need to receive Trust, Acceptance, Appreciation, Admiration, Approval and Encouragement.

Here some quotes that I love to share from these books - Aku Terima Nikahnya(AKA), Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga(BSkS) and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus(MMWV).

"..Terimalah seseorang, seadanya. Kebaikannya disyukuri, kekurangannya diredhai.."
(Uztaz Hasrizal, AKA).

"Jangan dirosakkan kesediaan anak-anak untuk mengimani Allah. Salah satu cara fitrah itu dirosakkan oleh si ibu dan si bapa ialah apabila kesediaan anak mengimani TUHAN, digantikan dengan HANTU"
(Ustaz Hasrizal, BSkS).

The following quotes from MMWV book,
"Just as women are afraid of receiving, men are afraid of giving",

"Never go into a man's cave or you will be burned by the dragon"-hehe.. I like this quotes, even never been in this kind of situation, I think I can understand it.. ^^,

"A women's self-esteem rises and falls like a wave. When she hits bottom it is a time for emotional housecleaning",

"In relationship, men pull back and then get close, while women rise and fall in their ability to love themselves and others",

"Men argue for the right to be free while women argue for the right to be upset. Men want space while women want understanding" (John Gray, 1992)

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