Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 sweetest situation

that a "Namja" do..and I think it sweet..

-This is through my experiments. No animal hurts during the experiment..haha.. Ok, there is no test or experiment, just my thought, opinion-

When he loves kids. He shows his love to the kids (can be nephews or nieces or babies). Just "Sweeeett" isn't it?

Sweet to see my 'abang2 saudara' take care of their child..

When he mad about something..and he made a poem about it. For example, when he stuck on the road with jam..he write a poem about it.
Just how sweet it is right?hehe.. Why? You can't think how to relate it huh? Then let it be..leave me in my world. haha..

Ok. actually, there is a reasonable explanation. I think it just "sweet" if men can cover his anger or let the anger out through other medium and not keep any grudge to it.. It does shows how patient he is right? and that's "sweet" to me.

When he being ask to do something (eg: hang the curtains)..he act like a grandma, talks or mumble for he doesn't like being ask to do it..but..still he do it-the request; till the end/finish!
Sweet right? haha..

Why would I say it 'sweet'? He might not like it-to do the thing that being ask by me.,erk..by someone la..dreaming ya girl?!, but then he still doing it! And finish the task. Shows the love right? We know that he loves me..erk that someone..dreaming again?!

And that's it!

p/s: not expecting much..but still believe in it..

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