Thursday, February 25, 2010

24 Feb 2010

24/2/2010 - It just another hectic day for works! But in the end, the tired day ends with laugh and i am happy..

Who's making me laugh? A Chinese guy! Even though he just an ordinary guy that walked pass by my car at the car park(at my works place), but he makes me laugh!huhu..*still now i'm laughing.. What he done to me? NOTHING! He just walked passby me..haha..anyway, It's the way he staring at me..
At that time, I pinned my tudung ok! So, he staring at me when i pinning my tudung while he walked pass by my car-i was in the car. Make me laugh more, when the way he staring at me like "What in the world she's doing?" haha... But, his face just really cute though!huhu.. I think he is younger then I am.

Furthermore, its not the end yet! When I reach to the 'nextdoor' apartment, I pass by a guy that i meet at my apartment's lift. He looks like my cousin + a bit looks like Micheal Campton. Cute. That's all i can say. But, what actually makes me laugh is, the way he staring at me!AGAIN..
And i still inside the car, driving. He turns back and he face like "Did i know this girl?" huhu.. Ok!it's more to 'What i think, actually!' but.. hectic day ends with happy+laugh+still smiling.. What a beautiful day!

And I am thankful to Allah. For still breathing and still smiling and for everything that i have. Jungmal gamsahabnida!huhu.. Ok! That's all for now!

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