Thursday, June 18, 2009

A feeling to be shared

i can hold this..
hearing this song, track number 3*it writed in Korean language so..i dont know lorr..huhu..but it really make me feels want to fall in love..huhu..
so beautiful..
but honestly i dont know the meaning*as it in KOrean language except lil' words such as "i'm so in love with you"..huhu..thats it!

Korea..i'm fall in love with u..

actually now, May 25, 2009 10.00 P.M..i'm hearing song in the sountrack of Princess Hours drama..i owned it last year..
just suddenly feel like want to spent my time with hearing music..
just so beautiful..those song is..
i'm feeling good..
feel like its not in the middle of the night but in day..
it feel like im in a beautiful garden full with butterfly..birds singing is blooming..
this contrast with the reality now!which it is my messed up front of my nootebook tapping the keyboard..

just increadible right!how this song can give me such a good feeling..waa..
or i'm the one who can feel the music..?!huhu..dont care lorr..
now i feel serene..track number 9 of this CD..just the rhythm..sound of the traditional Korean 'alat musik'*dont remember what we call it in english..huhu

p/s: did i tell ya..?i want to buy the Worlds Within sountrack..i love all the song i heard in the drama..honestly!!it just good..=)

- update -
this is just another post that i make while at home in Muar..
after 'google'..the no. 3 track is, Doo Ga Ji Mal - Jung Jae Wook & The One and the no. 9 is Bok Jang Bool Ryang!
try listen to it ya!!

btw, i already got all the song from the OST Worlds Within..i really enjoy it!!huhu
there is another one post that i made and not yet publish in here..tomorrow, i'll post it..
see ya..

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