Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aku, Angan dan Realiti

4.13 a.m, May 25, 2009...Korean drama

i want to live like in the drama..

i want to meet people like in the drama play..

i want to be like the character in the drama..

i want it..and i wish it..

meeting a good guy..

be honest with my feelings..

brave enough to tell how i feel with a slumber face..

being with somebody that loyal to friendship and have a good relations with everybody..

having somebody that always be there for their friends and listen to their friends complains..

chill out with my girls and frankly talking/chatting about others experienced in live..such as a matured topic not the childish one..but we still can laugh about it..

passion in the jobs/life or whatever they doing..

i want it..and i wish it..

thats it!i want it..and i wish it..not more then that..

to be honest..
when i think twice..
i love my i'm happy with it!
i love me..the way i am..but not to mention sometimes i do hate my self too

lucky me..
i have my lovely family..that loves me..
i have my beautiful friends that supports me..
i have many good peoples around me..
thats enough for me to be be vivacious in my life..!me family and friends..teachers/lecturers too of cause!

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