Monday, November 2, 2009

Examination's coming!!

Gosh! The final examination of this semester is coming!! Just about a week.. and yet i'm not opening any book!!*Qilaz you're not genius enough ok!! And this post actually..not all about examination.. I just want to share how crazy i am..

For having the intention to go watch this movie..while time for examination is ticking *like Epik High sings..Time is ticking,time time is ticking - in One

Anyone want to accompany me??huhuMySpace

See..i am not into this kind of movie..but, since two people that i love have watched this movie*i think is sure, but the other one..i donno..huhu..and they said they loved it! It really made me curious..and I want to watch it!!!huhuMySpace

Ok! Easy girl..

This is just intention to-do-so..huhu.. If I really out of my mind..i might go..huhu*during this week ok..

And I'm taking this opportunity to ask forgiveness to all my friend and lecturers.. Wish me luck!!

And here a trailer for you!!

p/s: If anyone would like to give me free tickets to watch this..please3...tell me!!ok!!huhu..

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