Saturday, January 24, 2009

ThiS iS CrAzY!

well...! yesterday i went to my uncle house(my uncle..i called him pokde!huhu) -to visit my grandpa(tok yah, comes from atok ayah actually!), coz he's sick..old sickness nway, not too serious as my other grandpa- (this uncle actually is my mom's bro..)
we reach there at 10pm++ -after take me at my rmh sewe nway.. - then after few mom n dad want to take my grandpa to urut...hopefully he will feel much better of coz.. -just my ibu ayah n my grandparent je yg gi sama, while me n adik stay kt umah pokde tu..huhu..(fyi: iqbal-my lil' bro- at dat time otw blik muar)
then after the urut session..diowg blik kt umah pokde smule...
we have a lil' conversation 'bout tok yah..then after selesai talking psal tok yah..ayah told me 'bout something else... -this is da point of 'ThiS iS CrAzY' nway!!-
So, he tellin' me that kak nurin(ank tukang urut+kakak angkt my lil' bro, Iqbal) already owned a new car!-second hand, Wira Hback special edition.. -i'm tellin'u! krete tu mmg lawa..wane marah plak!fav colour ak tu!-
and..abah kak nurin-we called him 'Wak'- nk tolak kete kancil lame kak nurin tu..nothing comes through my mind that time, actually when my dad told me..(but my dad has one nway..)
he seem pretty interest kt kete kancil tu...
we talk 'bout that car...and ayah cm survey kt ak, whether i want it or not but not directly..and not seriously okay!and push top!-end of story for that day

today!(24 jan..the day this story happen!)we come back to BP..-to rewang kt umah tokchik as my achu getting marry -we drop by for a while kt umah Wak(actually coz nk hantar Iqbal kt umah ayh angkt dier)...then there..we take a look at the car - da old and da new car that owned by kak nurin tu...- first we take a look kt wira..peh!mmg best ar kete tu..(as i told earlier) then...we take a look kt kete kancil lak..
wat a bizzare!kete tu x b'kunci...then ibu ngn slumber nyer bkk kete tu...then dier tgk2 dlm kete tu...after a few minute, she ask me to sit in there -at the driver sit nway-
then ak pown duduk n adjust sit tu...then cm dah pham pew yg ibu nk..ak pown try r pijak pedal2 yg der...huhu =)
then ibu tnyer.. "cmner?ok x?"
ak pown jwb..."bley r...!cm kete iqbal.." tp dlm ati ak...'kete iqbal tu ag best!!huhu...'
after that...kteowg trus kan p'jlnan g umah sewe ak.. -to drop me and my lil' sis,nadiah- (kteowg x g ikut rewang!huhu...ibu kte "lame t!x pyh ikut skali.." *cm tu lorr..lbey kurang..huhu*)
so..ak n nadiah duk kt umah sewe ak dr tgh ari smpai mlm..

9.30pm: ak online..(sbnr nyer nadiah yg nk on9 sgt!tp...ak conquer laptop ni smpai nadiah t'tidur...huhu..cian dier!)
11.10pm: ibu kol..."assalamualaikum..qila..t bkk gate dpan ekh..iqbal bwk kete awk"
"huh!ok ok...bye..assalmualaikum"-my reply
(pew yg cross kt my mind that time..'this is crazy! btul ke pew yg ak dgr ni?!kete ak? biar btul!?ak sndri pown lom decide pape! dis is crazy...)
then ak trun bwh n bkk kunci gate..- but not open da gate as ibu told!for safety..buat nyer diowg lmbt ag smpai!- then smbung on9 blik..nadiah kt sblah still dibuai mimpi...huhu..
11.27pm: iqbal call..."uit!bkk gate tau!"
"orait!"-i told him
then ak trun 'gain n open da gate..n..waiting...
x lame paz tu...ayah ibu smpai with saga n park kt sbrang x msuk pown kt dpn umah ak..
(wah!ini x bley jd ni!..btul ke pew yg ak dgr ibu ckp tu...)
then...zup....ngn laju nyer adik ak tu drive msuk gate dpn umh ak...terkejut ak! -terkejut kerane laju giler dier drive..dah la ak terselit kt tepi gate tu..nseb baek ak slamat..huhu-
adik ak kuar je dr kete tu..ak terjah dier ngn byk soklan...!
dier x jwb pown pew yg ak dier ckp.."nah!ko nk sgt kan" -cm x puas
tp...dis is me, qilaz....pew ak kisah ngn reaksi dier!nway...coz ak xtau pape kan...!(ana know me well klu bab ni..)huhu...
then...after 20 minutes++ ibu inform ak sal kete tu...personally in my bed..
and....dat's it! i owned a!
and....dat's a responsibility i have to take...
i'm gettin' old...and my mind...just immature!-i can't be like this-
i hate it...hate to realize all this!'s life anyway!
so...gambatte girl! u can face this! hashiridase hashiridase girl...!
-this is how i encourage my self...just ignore it ok!huhu-

k dat's all for now..sorry klu slah grammar or words kew...not good at this..
and..i'lltry to imprve it..slowly..huhu
c ya!

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