Monday, January 5, 2009

My LiL' WeiRdo N HaPpY FaMiLy

do u know..?how we gonna be like when our age turn 70/80++?
we'll gonna be like a baby again-not physically of coz, but mentally.

Today - January 4, 2009(when I was writing dis post); I visited my grandfather-he's actually my father's uncle but my ayah live with him at young age; so, he’s already like my ayah’s father..he’s also like my grandpa-I luv him; as fyi I don’t have grandpa -at my father’s side; anymore..i never get a chance to meet my real grandpa actually neither see his picture..k back 2 da grandpa-I called him tok chik(pronounce as cik); use to be a teacher(zaman perang jepun dlu tau!), all his child called him enchik/encik-weird name for father/ayah..coz usually enchik/encik is a polite form of address to a weirdo family called their father, enchik- pronounce as encik; I don’t know la kalau ade family len same mcm mines..but I do know, there’s other family yg called their father with a weird name-mcm hafiz and hunny madu(fly fm’s dj), they called their father ‘Babo’…weird too rite..haha… and td kt umah tok lil’ cousin-khadijah(3 y.o)called her mother, ‘aya’..(dier confius antare ayah n mama kot!haha)n mama dier pnyer response bile ak ulang blik pkataan ‘aya’ tu-“ske ati dier la..”(sound mcm-lyn je la..)t’gelak ak mse tu..huhu
Ok..reason I visited tok chik is b’coz he is sick-paru-paru dier msuk air, kaki dier bengkak2 and of coz cannot walk..but he’s a strong man..i know it..(I’m crying here!haha) first my family-ayah, ibu, n adik2; already visited tok chik on last Friday..but they not take me I’m at da college rite..i don’t even know dat my granpa is sick tau!until ptg tu ntah cmner tibe2 nk call my adik-nadiah; then she tell me dat she’s in tok chik’s house-at kg. bukit batu, reaction at dat time-huh!then why not take me along?!otw dr muar ke sengarang kn lalu college..; but I’m not tell her ‘bout it of’s not her fault rite..neither my parents..i’ve class nite I called my sis once more to check out whether they already back to muar yet!but nope, they still there..dat time I feel dis must be real bad…God I really want to meet my grandpa..

Then da next day, Saturday morning..i called my mom to ask ‘bout something else-but I do hope she’ll ask me to go to tok chik’s house..then, yes!she ask me whether I want to go along to tok chik’s house-as it’s my father’s turn to treat his enchik..she told me dat she will call back once they reach here in too, mse raye thn lpaz..i already heard tok chik’s condition..he’s already act like a child back then. Like, ape yg dier mntak dier nk time tu juga..i just excited to see tok chik-not a happy feeling but more to relief I guess..i wait…waiting..and waiting till I fell to sleep..i woke up at 4pm..i wondered why they haven’t call me yet..then I call my mom-not answer it..i call my sis-da same thing,no my bro-still no answer..i started to freak out-zit something happens to them..then finally..when I try to find my dad’s number, my mom called and told me dat my cousin-abg lan(relative of mom’s side), he’s a new doctor (fresh graduated doc) dat posting in my town-Muar of coz; comes for visit us..cian dier..bru la ni dpt kuar dr hospital pakar Sultanah Fatimah tu..(know it coz I’ve been there, watching he while working-busy giler dier coz rmai patient..huh!org muo sume sakit2!!haha)back 2 da, da conclusion..we’re not coming..mlm tu gek ak crying..such a emo girl…daa…

Sunday, I finally get a chance to meet him-ayah ibu smpai kol 3.45pm then dr rmh sewa ak ke senggarang, ak yg drive..lju tau ak bwk..80km/h..haha..!!tp mmg kjap je..xlame pown p’jlnan nyer..when we reach..i’m da first person msuk then terjah truz kt bilik tok chik..ibu ayah pown relax2 je..huhu..msuk2 je bilik tok chik..der plak org yg unusual-sdare mare tok chik yg I don’t know lorr..dier tnye ak sape dey..then nseb baik uncle ak-chik li yg jwb..klu x bengang gek ak..da la sorang2..huhu..then cite pnyer cite der auntie yg unusual tu duk kt area taman ak ni..kt jln jerau klu x silap r! kt umah tok chik..cousin2 ak sume kecik2..ak je la yg pling tua..comei2 lak cousin2 ak..pling kecik 3 mlayan karenah bdk2 kecik tu especially dija(yg called mama dier ‘aya’) 3 bulan tu-hadi -ak jge dier mse dier tido..ske sgt..coz x nangis pown!snang jge..(klu ak dlu kecik2,hobby mmg ske mnangis-ibu yg cite,kisah benar yer!)ak jge hadi coz parent nye busy tlg acu*my auntie*k..back to tok chik..tok chik’s condition is getting’ better then da last time my parent visited him. Bengkak2 kat kaki dier pown da surut..what a relief..thank you Allah..luv U almighty Allah..then I smile at him..and he smile back at me..what a beautiful smile..i’ll keet dat smile 4eva in my mind..i never see him smile like dat at me…I just wish dat would’t be da last smile...i pray it to Allah..but honestly I’m afraid of it..pray along with me ya..ya Allah yang maha pngasih lg maha pnyanyang, pnjangkan lah umur dan permudahkan la sgala urusan kepada tok chik, Abd Majid bin Manan amin..Al-fatihah..

TQ ya..’s other story but at da same place,at my tok chik’s house..a good things dat will be happening in my family is my acu(pronounce ahcu) my youngest aunt-another weird name for usu/the youngest in sibling; she’s getting’m just look like her(and another that I resemble is my late aunt-arwah mak long sarah) but..she’s too way more pretty of coz!huhu..all 3 of us just look alike..coz we a family kn..huhu..(nway I noticed it-me n acu resemble- just last year, ridiculous me..other people must noticed it long before I’m..4 my late aunt, my uncle-chik li-noticed it when I was 17/18 y.o then he told me so..)she’s-my acu; getting’ prepare for her wedding..dier kemaskn bilik dier and throw away things yg dier not use lg(dgn cara wat donation pd anak2 sdare dier and cousin2 dier)..huhu..syg giler tau…baju2,beg2 and note books..sume cantik2 ag..ada stengah yg mahal2…pew la acu ni…huhu…org da nk kawin..brg2 alam remaja sume di sdekah kn ekh..huhu..nway to my acu..congrate ya..not to mention dat I got clothes, a beg and 2 note’s book from her..yet..i got my tok chik’s buku pantun..acu give it to me..she said ‘klu tak nak bg ayah’..but of coz nope!!i want to read it first!!buku pantun tu..di tulis dgn tulisan jawi and my tok chik sndri tau!!-I’ll share it with u once I read it ya!!must be really interesting..-just a good handwriting u know-in jawi!!but..acu pnyer tulisan-rumi’s-…just alike me(as it never at the same height and width and size…haha)but at least I know where I inherit it from..huhu..and of coz…hers really nice…mines..buruk giler..huhu
*do you know dat we can know a person trough its handwriting…
I know how it some be honest..mines…org nyer just unpredictable!and unconsistent…others…guess la sndri or..wat research sndri..huhu…

K dat’s all for now..

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