Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Emo Me..about 'thinking'

Sometimes..i do think..

about how stupid i am..

why am i need to think about others?

while they do not ever think of me..

they just think of themselves right?

what's better for them..

what's good to them..

they don't even care about me right?

- or i'm the one who selfish here? -


if someone run fast, let them be..

for you can not catch them,

if you think so.

but if you think you can catch up with them?

just run as fast as them are..

just make sure, don't fall, don't sigh, don't look back!

am i right?


for me, i have my confidence.

of finishing this whole stuff.

but, to think it ALONE.

that's a problem.

because there's NO FUN for not having someone that i close to.

but it's FUN too..
for knowing someone new.

still it worry me, cause i need lot of time to know a person.

to be able to talk, laugh and enjoy together is fine.

but to be able to LOVE them is pretty hard.

because once i love.. it last forever in my heart n mind.

i love my family and friends.

because only 'them' is all i have.

AND always HIM the Owner of this World i can turn to,


p/s: don't ever try to understand me, and if i ever try HARD to understand ya just slap me HARD back, on my face..or better just kill me..

p/s iLapU: this is not about you..! don't get it wrong.. its about ME.. Me here i'm talking about.. SORRY..i'm no good for a friend anyway.. "Good nite, sweet dream, mimpi A********!"


Muhammad Afiq said...

ak x nak lempang..kalu kaki leh x?hahaha

QiLaZ said...

huhu...kaki ekh??
nak bagi aku kaki ekh?
xmo la..kaki kau selalu dah bagi kat ana kan..

kalau aku yg bg kau kaki tu bley la..huhu ^^